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Pure Yemeni Mediterranean cooking is guaranteed to make you want to come back. Our food is prepared by experts who have been creating reliable Yemeni entrees and dishes for years. With our large variety of menu items, you will find something on the menu to make sure you go home pleased!

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Our Story

Welcome To Yemeni Restaurant

Welcome to the Mediterranean food experience known as the Yemeni Restaurant. You can find our delicious menu, some of our popular dishes, reviews, and more here on our website. We are proud to be able to deliver authentic Yemeni cuisine directly to your plates.

Zorbian by spanhead

Lamb Haneeth

Multiple thick slices of lamb meat complimented by basmati rice professionally cooked with a side of potatoes expertly made to please your taste palette.

Chicken Haneeth

A slice of chicken from the thigh to the leg is cooked additionally to basmati rice, carrots, and potatoes. Guaranteed to ease your hunger and quench your appetite. 

Meat Qalaba

Diced meat stirred with assorted vegetables such as bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, carrots, and more, dripped in unique flavors and is sure to leave you filled with satisfaction.

Fish Plate

Fish sauteed with tomatoes, cucumbers romaine lettuce, and zesty limes. Served with dressing to compliment the flavor of the expertly prepared dish to serve you.

Lamb Fahsa

A traditional delicacy brought from the east straight to your plate. Shredded lamb and mashed potatoes with assorted vegetables served in a bubbling hot clay bowl served with Arabic bread.

Chicken Galaba

Mixed chicken sauteed with tomatoes, onions, and a mix of Yemeni spices, served with a complimentary side of bread in order to properly deliver the Meditteranean experience.

What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

“The server was extremely kind and accommodating and helped me identify what I could order on the menu that was vegan. I got to enjoy an absolutely heavenly potato stew (I think it was the Saltah?) that was unlike any I had ever tasted before. Savory and full of depth and aromatic spices. I would absolutely come back just for that!”


“Fabulous food & flawless service”

“The food is halal and very delicious. The service is beyond exceptional!! The owner is very very sweet. He stayed open late for us during Ramadan. One time he even delivered food to our home 20 mins away from the restaurant. This family-friendly restaurant is a must-try!!! You will miss out if you don’t try the Yemeni restaurant in Columbus.”


“Another successful experience”

“This place was fantastic. I loved everything I ate and so did my friend. We both really loved the hummus and curry soup. The chicken zorbian was very flavorful and the chicken fasa was fantastic. We had the masub banana for dessert, and it was super delicious. We really had a good experience with the food and the staff was super friendly and nice to two Yemeni newbies. Definitely recommend!”



“One of the best restaurant experiences I’ve had in recent memory. The server was attentive and helpful in describing the dishes, and the owner/operator gave personal attention to each table, ensuring every dish was of a high standard. My girlfriend has not had many foreign cuisines and is very meat-and-potatoes, but she praised the food and ambiance as some of the best she’s encountered as well.


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